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Our Commitment

At Case Imagery, we believe it is a privilege to support the legal community. We take great effort to ensure that each of our clients receive personalized attention and friendly customer service. As part of your team, we share in your pursuit to achieve a successful case outcome and take pride in reaching this objective. We offer years of experience and a personal commitment to provide the highest level of quality and service.

How We Started

Dan Cascio - President and Founder. Prior to establishing Case Imagery, Mr. Cascio held the position of Vice President at one of the nation’s leading litigation support firms. He has over 15 years experience as an expert in visual communications and has provided design consultation for many of the country’s most prominent law firms on hundreds of trials, mediations, arbitrations, and litigation proceedings.

Mr. Cascio has been involved in legal matters that encompass nearly every area of law. His in-depth knowledge of litigation support, extensive design background, entrepreneurial spirit, and leadership skills inspired him to launch Case Imagery.

How We Set Ourselves Apart

Not every litigation support firm is created equal. Case Imagery broke free from the mold of what you might expect to find in a litigation support firm. Traditionally speaking, quality, service, and experience come at a high price. This is especially true in the fast-paced and demanding market of litigation support. Prior to Case Imagery, receiving exceptional service and a quality work product meant you had to use a well-known company, and an exceptional product came with a high price. Case Imagery is here to put an end to this practice. We set ourselves apart by offering the best of both worlds. When using Case Imagery, you receive years of experience, superior service, a high-quality work product, all at a price that is far less than our competitors offer.

Finally, you have a worthy option. No longer are you faced with wanting support, but not wanting to pay a fortune to get it. Join the other law firms who have put an end to this dilemma. Rely on Case Imagery for cost-effective solutions and the best product in litigation support.

Case Imagery
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