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Medical Illustrations

Effective illustration of pertinent medical information is essential to educate and persuade an audience. Our medical illustrators are graduates of specialized programs in medical visualization, and they have years of experience working in the legal field. We speak the language of your medical expert and are well versed in translating complex medical records into compelling medical illustrations.

Our friendly staff can advise whether your case requires a Patient-Specific Medical Illustration or a Generic Exhibit found in our online library of over 13,000 stock medical images.

When to Use Medical Illustrations

Medical illustrations are effective for depicting anatomy, physiology, surgery or trauma, and they can be used in virtually any phase of pre-trial and trial. Our clients nationwide use them with great success in settlement conferences, mediations, arbitrations, expert witness depositions, mock trials and, of course, trials in the courtroom.

Medical Illustrations

Our medical illustrations are available as large format exhibit boards, or as electronic files for display using the client’s preferred presentation software.

We provide a free, no obligation proposal.

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