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X-Ray Digital Imaging

Film-to-CD Conversion

Case Imagery has revolutionized the x-ray duplication process and is able to digitally convert any type of radiographic film onto CD. This film-less method of x-ray duplication provides a host of exceptional features for viewing, managing, distributing, and presenting medical films.

So why do so many legal and medical professionals rely on Case Imagery and choose X-Ray Digital Imaging as their preferred method of film duplication?

The reasons are simple: affordability, convenience, exceptional quality, and functionality.

As our clients recognize, medical films are cumbersome which make them difficult and expensive to handle, view, store, archive, and ship. X-Ray Digital Imaging addresses these challenges and provides solutions not available with traditional film.

Each CD automatically loads on any Microsoft Windows PC and contains software specifically designed for legal professionals and medical experts. Explore the benefits and take full control of your medical images using the following features and advantages:


  • Easily locate a patient’s exam from the main worklist dated in chronological order
  • Quickly navigate through a series of images
  • View images full screen, side-by-side or montage
  • Magnify and zoom
  • Adjust brightness and contrast for enhanced image quality
  • Invert image to a positive form
  • Rotate images in multiple directions


  • Print a single or a series of high-quality images directly to on-site printer
  • Zoom in and print a specific area
  • Receive high resolution files for printing large format exhibit boards


  • Display images directly from the CD using an LCD monitor or projector/screen
  • Export select images and display electronically using preferred presentation software


Export select images to be sent for review through email


A compact, lightweight solution for storing a single patient’s films or converting an entire film library

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X-Ray Digital Imaging

X-Ray Digital Imaging

X-Ray Digital Imaging

X-Ray Digital Imaging

X-Ray Digital Imaging

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