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X-Ray Duplication

Film-to-Film Copies

Case Imagery sets the standard in high-quality x-ray film duplication. Law firms throughout the nation rely on us for our ability to produce superior film-to-film reproductions.

Our medical film duplication service includes and guarantees that each film is:

  • Carefully managed and reproduced by expert technicians using the industry’s top-rated equipment, film and chemicals.
  • Inspected using a multi-step quality control process to ensure that reproduction has achieved the highest quality result.
  • Sorted in envelopes and clearly labeled with relevant exam information.
  • Securely packaged and shipped out within 24 hours of arrival at our office.

Our experience, quick turnaround and competitive pricing are what our clients have come to depend on.

We provide free pickup and delivery in the local metro Atlanta area. Clients outside of the Atlanta area are recommended to ship directly to us using FedEx or UPS.

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X-Ray Duplication
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